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Facebook vs The Rest

My day started wrong when the morons at Pacific Internet took a bloody long time to attend to my call. Why do they even bother having a customer service hotline when you’ve gotta wait? The more you wait, the more irritated you’ll become. And when I'm irritated, I'll let the person on the receiving end know exactly how I feel. I pity the folks working in call centers but at the same time, they are paid to handle shit!

Alright, let’s move on to today’s post. As the title blatantly suggests, it’s about Facebook. It’s the latest social networking website that has made it huge in the internet world. According toWikipedia, it's 38 million users to be exact. Almost everyone I know has signed up with Facebook. If you have not, what are you waiting for?!

First up, I’ll like to say that Facebook beats the crap out of other social networking websites (e.g.: Friendster, Classmates.Com, Dodgeball and hi5). I still love my account though. But I reckon I’ll delete the Friendster account soon enough.

What sets Facebook apart from the rest is that it’s fun. There’s loads of applications online to suit everyone. Some of these applications can also be down right rritating. There’s not a day that goes by where someone isn’t trying to turn me into a vampire or a Jedi! I love the Naughty Gift application. I'm currently ranked 'Smooth Operator'. Heh!

A cool application I found online recently is the Blog RSS Feed Reader. This application allows me to show my latest post titles on my profile. It’s awesome publicity for any blogger. I have seen a fair amount of traffic from Facebook since I added this application. That can only be a good thing.

If you do have a Facebook account, go ahead and add me. I’ve included my profile badge at the end of this post so that you won’t need to search me up .

Well, I’ve got 3 days to go before I have to drag my ass for my annual reservist training. It’s 16 days with my army buddies and I’m sure it’ll be fun. I know the drinking session will be. Heh! Till the next post, here’s Noel Boyd signing out….Peace!

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  1. Is this comment thread where I can ask if anyone is up for some salted yolk crabs?

  2. haha...kotek! you're craving for salted egg yolk crab huh?


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