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The Tattoo Boutique

After weeks of hard work, The Tattoo Boutique was launched yesterday morning. The Tattoo Boutique is an online store based in the States that sells tattoo related merchandise and apparel. The primary reason why we chose an online store is because most people shop online these days.

Well folks, if you love tattoos, you’ll probably love the merchandise we have. We designed all the items you see on our page. There’s no chance in hell that you’ll find these items at any other place. We each have our favourites of the lot. I’m sure you will too. Ant loves the Women's Raglan Hoodie and I love the Chef’s BBQ Apron.

When we were in the designing phrase, Ant and I would argue (erm…debate I mean) about the designs. Ultimately, we wanted something that our friends would wear. That’s the direction we took and that’s where we are now.

We’d love some feedback from you. To do so, visit my store and pop back here when you’re done and leave your comments at this post. Thanks for the support and happy shopping!


  1. brudder brudder ! just gone thru ur online store ! well, think i saw 2 items i like ... can i be ur first customer !?!?!?!?

  2. yes please! you gotta shave first. or i could wax you! i'll do anything to see you in a thong!!!

  3. hello....long time never see and hear from you...

    er..u knew m not a great fan of tattoo but my husband is...can i be a poser?...I love that pink hoodie!!!

    hehe..shall drop by ur online boutique!


  4. wassup ruby!!
    don't use the word 'loser'. call yourself an admirer of body art!

    a good friend of mine has fallen in love with the hoodie too! so much so, she wants it for free. the bloody cheek!!

    we should meet up soon. happy shopping in the meantime!


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