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Tattoos: Keeping it safe and clean!

  • Gloves - The tattoo artist should use gloves at all times. Gloves should be removed every time the artist walks away or reaches for non-disposable items to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Cross-contamination - Although the HIV/AIDS virus dies within several minutes of contact with air, the Hepatitis B virus can live up to two weeks. Cross-contamination can occur when an artist touches an unsterilized object with his gloves (telephone, uncovered spray bottles, dropped items) then returning to work on you.
  • Ink cups - Ink for your tattoo becomes contaminated through the tattooing process and should be poured into small plastic cups prior to you getting tattooed. These then get thrown out after your tattoo is completed. If the artist needs to replenish his ink, the gloves should be taken off prior to refilling.
  • Needles - Needles should be taken out of a sterilized pouch in front of you prior to your tattoo. After your tattoo is completed, it should be properly disposed.
  • Overall cleanliness - Counters should be clean and a new setup done for each new tattoo. All disposables should be properly disposed of after the tattoo. The artist should wash his/her hands prior to and immediately after your tattoo. The shop floor should be clean and the artist's clothing should be clean and neat. Non-disposable items used during your tattoo should be covered with plastic and then disinfected or sterilized after the tattoo.


  1. Hey, a fren of mine wants to get a tattoo. But she can only get 1 next year when she turns 21.

    She's coming to town next month.

  2. you've come to the right place. what does she want to do?

  3. She said like half the arms on both sides... I was like "Sure or not, quite a bit in one sitting..."

    I intro you guys when she pops by town next week.

  4. hmm...that's a lot for one sitting. a couple of factors will come into play here. tolerance, time, etc...

    should be ok i guess. i'm awaiting the intro :)


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