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Fire at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 (Pics)

I received a SMS from an old friend, William, regarding a fire slightly after midnight. Since it was near home, we decided to visit the area to get some pictures for this blog.

We knew there was a fire but we didn't know it was this big! All roads leading to the market was cordoned off by the police.

A resident we spoke to, told us that the fire started at 9pm and a series of explosions were heard. From the looks of it, the entire market has been damaged by the fire.

Well, here are the pictures...

Please be patient while video loads...


  1. and you should think of getting a better photo stamp than the one you use. make it a tattoo font with a little tattoo-ish logo?

  2. it's my journalistic side kicking in la babe...well, if its good for the blog, i'll do it.

    i agree with you on the photo stamp. i'll search the net for a good font. any suggestions?

  3. and guess who was the unwilling sidekick who followed him to the scene at half past midnight?????

  4. grrr...unwilling huh? wait till I show you unwilling...

  5. oh oh oh!!!


    guess who is the UNWILLING individual given the task of designing this (i quote) "tattoo-ish photo stamp cum logo"?

    *rolls eyes*



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