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OMG Tattoos!

One word...PERMANENT!!

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  1. OMG! the map thing is so cool.

    i wonder which part of the world is the hole precisely at?

  2. i reckon any guy would have a blast with this map. there are some countries you just wanna cum on!

  3. what would inspire people to put such things on their bodies?

    A sofa? wtf??
    A burger under a coconut tree? lol
    the world map is cool though.wonder how long it too to do. lots of detailing.
    The hole appears to be located in Deepest, Darkest Africa.
    A subway map?? useful when u need directions.
    Algebra? omg
    the last one really take the toast..I mean...cake... what significance would a pop-up toaster have that someone would get it tattoo-ed?


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