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6 years on...

Six years have passed since the deadly chain of events that shocked the world. September 11th will always be a day when we look back and remember the thousands that lost their lives.

9-11 has changed the way we live our lives. Security all around the world is arguably stronger than ever before. It now takes ages to board your flight. Some have complained but I think it’s a good thing. Better be safe than sorry right?

I know of many people that have blacklisted certain holiday sites. Take Bali for example. Bali is bigger than Singapore and is a paradise to surfers and beach goers. I’ve been to many places in Asia and Bali tops it all. I love the people, the food, some women and the island. Try asking someone to tag along on a holiday to Bali. The first thing that will come to their mind is…BOMB. And not sand, beautiful beaches and a party scene that will drive anyone crazy. If we continue to think this way, we’ll let the terrorists win. Those good-for-nothing pigs!

I guess you can say that my life has changed after the 2nd bombing in Bali. It made me look at things in a whole different manner. It makes you appreciate life and the people around you. I’m a whole lot more observant of my surroundings too.

You know when the bombs went off in Bali on October 1st 2005, I was scared shitless. I became sober in an instant. My hands were trembling and I wanted to fly out on the first flight. The following day when I woke up, my hotel was near empty. The staff weren’t in the mood to greet or serve me breakfast. Don and I sat at this bar along Kuta and had a good number of beers. Fuck, we drank from 12noon to 8pm. Almost everyone we met, asked us one question. You’re not leaving? We replied No Sir! Join us for a beer? Those 8 hours we sat there, we got to know each other better.

Whenever I think of terrorism, I get angry. I don’t have a reason, it just pisses me off. So yeah, fuck the jihad bullshit….

I’ve got to get my ass outta the house. I’ve got lots more I wanna say but there isn’t time. Do say a prayer for those that perished on September 11th. This is Noel Boyd signing off…


  1. i'm gonna be staying at bali hard rock this weekend!

    anywhere i should be sure to visit??

  2. hmm...if you wanna party, you have to go to Double Six and MBARGO. For seafood and a nice romantic dinner, head to Jimbaran Bay. It's beautiful! There's a couple of restaurants by the sea. My recommendation would be Menega Cafe.

    there are also a couple of nice clubs near to Bali HR. Kamasutra and The Wave are worth checking out...

  3. don't make the same mistake i did!

    the last time i was there, the whole TEN days, everytime i walk out of the HR hotel, i never did turn right to check out the beach!
    i kept turning left to the shops!
    what is Bali without checking out the beach, man?!

    so yeah, don't forget to turn right! heh....

    and man, was i lovin the Hard Rock pool...
    I MISS THAT PLACE! One of the best hotels i've stayed in!

  4. oh yah, what happened to our "mandatory Virgo" round of drinks? :)

    it's our month, we need to celebrate and paint the island red, girlfren!
    and dinner just won't quite cut it. :)

  5. hahahahaha. yes ma'am. but can wait til i get back?

    problem with my bali trip is bf can only get two days off so we going 3d2n but we're arriving at night and leaving in the morning. so i can't explore as much. i'm going to come up with a tight itinerary and make full use of our time there. allocated time for everything. haha. or almost everything.

    i have a feeling i won't be sleeping much.

  6. well my dears. bali's not very feasible this weekend. the flights timings are crap.

    we've confirmed bangkok instead.

    any more travel pointers??

  7. Ooooh! BANGKOK!!!!

    Only one thing to do:
    Bring loads of cash and be sure to empty out Cha Chu Chak! :)

    If you have the time in btwn shopping, don't miss out on the gorgeous temples and the various museums. There's a really cool one: Museum of Counterfeit Goods.

    And oh, you MUST check out the Grand Palace, where the Emerald Buddha is. It's GORGEOUS!
    But there's a lot of other temples that are equally beautiful and not to be missed.

    I think when in Bangkok, its just shopping, sightseeing and sinful eating...not so much beach activities like Phuket or Krabi..

    Have fun, and oh yes, we'll save drinks and dinner for next week!


  8. Chatuchak is over priced these days... They dun even bother to bargain.

    A much better deal is found at Platinum Plaza or how the Thais pronounce it "Pra-tu-num". Even the Chatuchak guys get their stocks from these wholesalers...


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