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Snake King my ass!!

This article in the New Paper really pissed me off!! We've all heard of Singaporeans who have been caught with endangered animals. They get their houses raided and most are fined SGD$1000.00 per animal. My question is...What happens to IDIOTS that eat the very wildlife we are trying so hard to protect? I understand that majority of our population, for some dumb reason, are afraid of snakes. Yet alone many other species of the reptile family. It doesn't give anyone the right to eat them. Don't you agree that Mr. Ye should get the same fine? Maybe even a bigger fine! After all, he killed an endangered species that is indeed a rare sight in Singapore. How often do you see a reticulated python? I've not seen one in the wild for a loooong time. And I live next to a nature reserve! All I see everyday are monkeys being fed by morons that can't read a huge ass sign. A sign that simply says, STOP FEEDING THE MONKEYS!

Are we gonna let the reticulated python suffer the same fate as the blood python? Blood pythons were once found in Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia and other parts of S.E. Asia. If you were to find a blood python in Singapore today, you would be re-writing history. That’s how bad the situation is. It's sad to acknowledge that we once had tigers walking our soil. Thanks to a couple of low life hunters, the only place to admire their beauty is the Singapore Zoo.

Alright…enough of unhappy thoughts on this wet Sunday. I love it when it rains. It’s perfect to stay indoors and even better to stay in bed. Ant is still fast asleep and hopefully she doesn’t get up. The room is so damn peaceful when she’s sleeping. Heh!

I'm craving for the mee goreng at Wendy's Spize Hut! They have perfected it and its exactly how I like it. I've eaten there 3 times this week and not once did the mee goreng come out lousy. I reckon Energy loves the place as well. I'm gonna meet them again tonight and have another go at their mee goreng! Wooooweeeee!!

It was nice going over to Don's on Wednesday. There was a shitload of beer that I didn't drink and the pizzas from Pizza De France were simply awesome. Thanks for having us over brudder!!

I recently took down the 'I'm Booze Free' timer from my blog. For those that saw it, I removed it as my blog was taking a little too long to load. Officially, I've been alcohol free for 5 days. To many, 5 days doesn't mean jackshit. Where I come from, 5 days is a pain in the ass!!

I’m gonna prepare late lunch and wait for the little ant to wake up. Enjoy the rest of the Sunday folks!


  1. ok! i is up!
    and talking your ears off soon! heh heh!

  2. When are you going to catch Energy at Brix? Lemme know. I wanna check them out at their new joint.

    And we should hang out a bit.

    I know you guys miss me... a lot. Admit it.

  3. heh! someone is shameless.

    yeah man, been meaning to catch the boys. and soon!

    but, right, i think its YOU that shld advise us when YOU are free. we are the unemployed ones here. hee! we've got ALL THE FREE TIME IN THE WORLD!

  4. hmm...i'm trying to work out a deal for them as i write this. they should start performing at Wendy's Spize Hut by month's end. what better way to enjoy prata than to have energy jam with teh tarik?

    but seriously...i don't wanna go to brix!!! i see the band too often to make a trip down.

    and yes, i do miss you. i miss your obiang shirts too. hahahahaha...

    btw, im not unemployed. i'm semi-retired!!

  5. Yeah, gg to Brix is pretty daunting to me. That's why I need company.

    Hey, at least, I dun wear pajamas to work lah...

    So how when eh?

  6. Those ain't pajamas!! grrr...
    maybe sometime this week. i'm still waiting for my last cheque from the company.

  7. Neighbour, if you look at my old blog archives, you'll see I have a pic of that very same banner, with some idiot parked in front of it, FEEDING THE MONKEYS.

    Non-Thomsonites, PLEASE STOP IT. You try having monkeys run onto your property and making a right mess.

  8. do? i'll go search for it. what my neighbour says is true. though none of the monkeys have entered my palace, i know what my neighbours are going through. please stop feeding the monkeys!!


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