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Sex and Orgasms

While watching Heroes online yesterday, I came across an interesting British television programme. In an instant, I sent the link via Friendster to Shyanne. With the permission of Ant of course. Titled 'Sex Guide', it has 8 parts and is purely educational. It's not some sleaze filled video with a whole lot of banging. There's a shit load of advise in each episode which you can't get from pornography and playboy. It's advise that countless people are paying professionals for. The advise and tips dished out are from doctors, sex gurus, therapists and couples whom relate their experiences and problems.

Each episode also showcases a STD that is a menace to society. The images of gonorrhoea, genital warts, etc... are shocking and an eye opener. Besides all this, the programme educates couples on the different positions and what it does for both the male and female. In one episode, they illustrate how an obese couple can have mind blowing sex without their fats getting in the way. How awesome is that?

With the laws in Singapore, I'm not sure if it'll be alright to post the links here. I do not see anything wrong with these videos but we all know what this country is like...

I know this for a fact and I'm gonna say it as it is. Lots of women in Singapore DO NOT enjoy sex. To many, sex means "to please their man". Don't you think that's bullshit? Any man that has not given his woman an orgasm, deserves to be hung by the balls! You might just be one of those men that screws, cums and falls asleep.

Looking at the direction Singaporean women are heading, us men need to be on our toes. Today's woman knows what she wants. She reads the best female magazines in the market that screams the word ORGASM and SEX ever so often. So yeah, it's not about pleasing just the man anymore. It's about two individuals satisfying each others' needs. Agree?

Before I end this post I'll like to add something. If a woman wants a guy to go down on them, they have to ensure that they've got their hygiene in check. Some girls really do smell like a fish market down there. Same thing applies to men. I reckon the nicer you smell, the more oral you're gonna get. And the trick to this is to freaking shower before sex! I think that all men should shave too. That's just my opinion...

All this talk about sex has got me craving for oysters. Grrr...I'm gonna try to get some sleep. Enjoy the weekend and have mind blowing sex if you can. Cheers ya'll!!


  1. thanks for the link!

    i gotta watch it later and come back and discuss.

    it's saturday morning and my dad's roaming around.


  2. AND i just realised that most adorable photo of the dog! haha... i miss my doggy. ):

    (stupid bitch burn in hell!) sorry, long story. haha

  3.'re welcome Shyanne. have you watched it yet?

    i love that dog. its a toy for dogs to mate. lonely dogs that is...lots of cute pics on their site :)

  4. *whispers to shyanne*
    babes, the man is still unrelenting on his argument abt aphrodisiacs. bleh!

    *i love you baby* hee.

  5. of course!! i hate being wrong. and no, i'm not gonna let anyone have the last say on this. this conversation is OVER!


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