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I'm going jogging...

Did ya’ll enjoy the National Day Parade? I loved every bit of it!! It’s always nice when the country unites for this one special day. The new venue provided a special touch to the event and I hope that they’ll continue to use the floating platform for our National Day events. My favourite segment was the combined military cum Home Team showcase.

Once again, poor old President Nathan sat alone. Here’s a little trivia. What is President Nathan’s full name? Answer: Sellapan RAMANATHAN. We learn something new everyday don’t we? Personally, I don’t see why the president can’t sit with the ministers. All the poor old man does is wave to the public and nods his head when the parade commander needs his permission to do something. I want a job like that!! They even took away his privilege of talking to the Guard of Honour during the parade inspection. I have a couple of suggestions for the NDP Committee...The first would be to allow the President to bring the 1st lady (his wife). What’s National Day without your family right? My second marvelous suggestion is to have a more comfortable chair for the president. The current throne-like chair would give anyone an excuse to visit a chiropractor. I think I should keep the rest of the suggestions to myself.

Live The Dream debuted on Mediacorp’s Channel 5 last night. It’s far better than Singapore Idol and I think this show will score BIG on the ratings. It’s nice to see friends from the industry like Jeffrey (Cats in the Cradle) and Alan (Enigma’s front-man) in the competition. I wish them nothing but the best and I hope they go far. These two individuals are talented and will entertain the masses. One thing for sure, this isn’t a competition that’s all about looks!

I found a blog yesterday that was a good read. Let’s put it this way. If its about sex, I’m a fan. If you wanna give it a read, Missus Singapore is listed under my Singapore Bloggers list on your right.

I’m gonna attempt to jog later in the evening. Hopefully I don’t get a cardiac arrest and become one with the Lower Pierce Reservoir. Enjoy the weekend and look out for the Hottie of the Week that’s coming up soon. Peace!!


  1. If I don't hear from you by 8pm tonight, I'll be sure to take a walk to Lower Pierce to check on you, just in case!

  2. dun wan lah! someone has a bf that's why she doesn't call or sms. bleh!!

  3. Someone has a gf and he doesn't call or sms either! double bleh!

  4. IDIOT!! the only sexual tension here is with my dick. its called Jake if you must know. Willy, you gotta say hi to Jake soon k...

  5. Muahahahahah sexual tension your backside lar!

    It's called NeighbourhooT Watch.

  6. thats why!! if there's anything, its LUST. i miss the kerb neighbour :(

  7. OI! Wat lust lust all! Tsk tsk. And I miss the curb too! It's been a while...


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