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Birthday Wishes

Happy 42nd Birthday SINGAPORE!!
You're a year older and more beautiful than ever.

To more good years to come...

Yours always,

Noel Boyd a.k.a The Tattooed Blogger


  1. Hey sweetie...

    Hvn't seen you in a while... How you been n wer you working now?

    You shld drop by one of these Fridays to Muddy Murphys... Check out my new line up hee... :-)

    Miz ya babe...

  2. Hi are you? I've been good . Taking things real slow minus the alcohol. I'll drop by Muddy's soon. You've got a new band right? I bet ya'll sound reaaal good. I probably drop by with Iskandar and Gavin next week. Miss you too sweetz! Big hugs and kisses!!!


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