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It's all about VIBES!

I’m really excited about the coming week. I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I’ve got good vibes. Good vibes always excite. I have this thing which some may call a gift. My aunt, who is a psychic for the royal family in Egypt and runs a business in Australia, calls it a gift as well. To me, it’s a gift and also a hindrance. Let me explain…

It’s hard to explain what this is but I’m gonna try my utmost best. If something negative is gonna happen to me or the people I love, everything turns rotten. The food I eat doesn’t taste as good as it should and I would feel horrible for days. Need I mention that sleepless nights are included the package?

Take for example the day I departed for Bali in 2005. I woke up that morning and I knew something was wrong. I immediately went down to the hall and asked my folks if everything was ok. The house seemed fine and my family looked alright. In fact, they looked happy that this noisy S.O.B was going on holiday.

It was the journey to the airport that freaked my folks. I started crying for no apparent reason. I wasn’t sad nor was I in fear. Things just didn’t feel right and I did not know what to do. I’ve always loved being in control and this time, fate had taken control. And that sucked big time. I said my goodbyes at the airport and headed for Harry’s Bar. I figured that if I was gonna continue feeling this way, a couple of beers would do me some good. After a good number of beers, I boarded the old Garuda to Jakarta.

I’ve never had a problem with flying but the sequence of events prior to the flight made me think twice about the flight. Worse off, this was one of the two flights I had to take to Bali. That was gonna be a real bitch! I did what I do best and that is to drink. The friendly but ugly Garuda crew ensured that I had enough booze to reach Jakarta. The connecting flight to Bali was just as good. I had the company of a lovely gay couple. We played this card game that got someone drinking every 10 seconds. We touched down in Denpasar more sloshed than we should have been. I looked back at the morning and laughed. See…there was nothing to worry about.

3 nights later, bombs went off at two restaurants. We were supposed to have been at one of those restaurants. If you’re new to reading this blog, I have written about this dreadful day . To read that post, click here. So yeah, the bad vibes that I got on that fateful morning were spot on!

After that incident in Bali, I began trusting my vibes and I began reading people. I started observing people like never before. I’m not bragging here but I can now read a person better than they can read themselves. A conversation is all it takes for me to decide if a person is worthy of my friendship. Mind you, people are always changing and the few that don’t, are friends that will last you a lifetime. This is probably why I score really low points in the friendship department. My priority in life has always and will always be my immediate family. Friends come and friends go. It’s a vicious cycle that I don’t want to be a part of. It’s as simple as that.

Let me know what you guys think about this post. I know that I’ve got more readers now then ever before and it’ll be sweet to hear from you…Have a pleasant week ahead and god bless!


  1. shit. seriously?

    well good that you made it back then. and i wonder what's this good thing that's gonna happen.

  2. You know what that feeling of good vibes mean?

    I do.

    You blowing your last pay cheque on me. Thanks! I love you, too...

  3. i'm wondering too. i hope i don't have a heart attack before that. all this excitement ain't good man...

    to lounge lizard: if that would happen, promise you'll marry me?

  4. *Steve Irwin mode on*: Danger! Danger! Danger!

    So when are you free to meet up?

    Crap, it's already Wednesday! I keep thinking it's Tueesday. How about Friday?

  5. My fiance has the gift too... Very spot on it's bloody scary... but I'm glad because of it, he sees me as I am...

    I've always trusted my instincts as well... I'm not always right with it but it's bulls eye about 70% most times... I think everybody's born with it, except whether you wanna put your faith in it, it's up to individuals...

  6. Btw, in case you don't already know, my new band at Muddys, we call ourselves Nana & The Vibes.. Hahaha... Ironic, isn't it?

  7. willy: you are mad!! i quit drinking already la bro. maybe coffee or dinner would be good. what say you?

    nana: thats cool to hear. true enough, its scary. when are you getting married? and yea, cool name for a band. nice :)

  8. You suck!!! Quit drinking?!

    Okay, dinner tomorrow. Where eh?


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