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Happy EAster!

It’s been incredibly difficult to write the past two weeks. I blame it on exhaustion. My working hours are fine. It’s the bloody drinking! Drinking 7 nights a week is tiring. It gets even worse when you wake up with a hangover.

How am I gonna spend my next off day? I’m gonna spend time alone. I love shutting myself from the world and this coming Thursday will be that day. All I need is my television and PS2.

My old schoolmates took a naughty trip to Johor recently. It’s weird how our reunions are huh? Instead of dinner and drinks, we go for a bang. The hour drive took them to Eden Hotel which has the best damn “services”. I’m sure they had a good time and will become raving lunatics (if they’re not already). I know I’m one!

How many of you think that the world is coming to an end? Put your hands up, put your hands up, put your hands up!!! If you raised your hands, join the millions that are already on that list.

Here’s a myth…We Asians do not like Caucasians. I know for a fact that it isn’t true. I have met some nice Caucasians that have become good friends. It’s the same wherever you go. You’ll meet nice Indians, Mexicans, Italians, Thais (the nicest bunch of people walking this earth), etc…

The thing is, this is our country. A country we built as a nation. We din need no British empire to build what we have. Those bastards left us in our time of need. We weren’t worth defending?!

When you visit a country, you have to respect the people and the culture. The moment you don’t, you’re asking for trouble. With my heritage, I’ve got a shit load of white relatives. They’re an ok bunch and they love Singapore. They’ve never been assaulted while on visit and I’ll bet my last dollar that it’ll never happen.

It’s about time to start my shift. Happy Easter and god bless! Peace ya’ll!

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