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Some of us believe in the supernatural world. Some of us have seen them and some of us have felt them. The picture below was taken on Tuesday opposite my brother’s place which is at Punggol 21. This isn’t some made up piece of bullshit. I do have a freaking life!! My girlfriend Hida pointed out this picture to me.

Hida took this picture of my eldest brother Leonard. Look at the extreme top right hand corner.

I've cropped the picture so that it's clearer... Do you see the two faces?

Just in case you don't see it, we've used Photoshop to increase the contrast and brightness. A smiling face is seen on the wall and a black face is seen above it.

I've got no idea what these faces are and I sure as hell don't want to know!!!


  1. no one said u had no life nah!! hahah... imaginations run wild huh... try imagine them whispering saying HI NOEL whilst you walk down them bar none stairs to d ofis.. hehehe... cheers brah!!!

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  3. err...i've been asked this question one too many times. i played in the sun since i was a kid. always active in sports. when you get burnt over many years, its a permanent tan. tats why my thighs and upper body is fair.

    i was a whole lot darker when i was a teenager. heh!

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