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For those of you that still read this blog, thank you. To those that have stopped reading, they ain’t got no fuckin patience. Period!! To be honest, I’m still struggling with time management. It’s tough coming home high 6 nights a week and it’s equally difficult getting minimum sleep.

My off on Monday was spent sleeping as usual. I woke at 5pm in a pretty good mood. I didn’t break anything and I sure as hell didn’t punch the wall. I usually wake up in the foulest of moods. I agreed to cook pasta for Hida and we were midway through my gourmet preparations when mother popped into the kitchen. She asked… “Darling, shall we go out for dinner as a FAMILY?” When your mother uses the word FAMILY, its kinda hard to say no. With a little hesitation, my 5 star meal was shelved and we headed to Botak Jones.

After a five minutes drive, we landed at Block 608 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. This is my 4th visit to their joint and they have always impressed. It’s amazing how a single stall has overtaken an entire coffeeshop. Their staff are all over the shop and they’re the friendliest bunch. Food portions are huge and I suggest you skip the side orders. The 300g NZ Ribeye steak I had was large, juicy and yummy. Mom rightfully paid $72 for an awesome dinner. Here’s what 72 bucks got her..
Rosemary Lamb Chop
Fish & Chips
Cajun Chicken
200g NZ Ribeye Steak
300g NZ Ribeye Steak
Cheese Fries
6 pcs Bar-B-Qued Chicken Wings

That’s a bargain duncha think?

On the note of awesome food, Wendy’s Spize Hut is now open 24 hours. It’s Thomson only 24hr prata joint so show some love people!

I know for a fact that I had one too many drinks last night. Thank the lord I start at 11pm today. Gone are the days where I enjoy drinking. Fancy hearing that from a Eurasian!

I’m off again this coming Monday. I’m heading to the studios to cut a voice-over demo. This studio has done some fancy work with Mediacorp and I’m thankful that they’re giving me this opportunity. While I hope for the best, please enjoy the weekend!

Visit Botak Jones @

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