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The Tattoo Pub Singapore

In modern Singapore, there aren’t many places a tattoo crazy person can go to and feel at home. Most places we visit, we get the curious stares and some people I’ve met, would literally grab my hands to get a better look at the artwork. I guess that’s how Singaporeans are. We’re a curious but conservative bunch.

The Tattoo Pub at Far East Plaza has been my home away from home since 2001. There were days where you would see me at the pub for 7 days straight. There wasn’t any other place I’d rather be. Take Chinese New Year 2006 for example. I was at the pub every evening with the tattoo boys.
The love for tattoos and rock brings together folks from all walks of life. And I really mean folks from all walks of life. If you’ve met some of these colorful characters, you’ll have a better understanding of life. I sure as hell appreciate life more than I did in 2002.

I’ve made many good friends since I stepped into the pub. Some of these guys have become my brothers. (David, Don, Eddy, Ednan the Hulk, Oliver, Sha, Shashi, Vijay and Vik). Unlike many pubs where customers get together solely for a round of drinks or a game of cards, the Tattoo Pub is different. Some of us have gone for holidays together, had threesomes or orgies, done marathon drinking sessions that stretch for days and the outings we’ve had were always fun. Fun filled madness to be exact.

One can never forget the rock tunes that BLAST from the pub two main speakers. Oh wait…it’s only when Vijay is behind the console! When this bugger is spinning your favourite rock classics, the entire 4th floor knows that the pub is opened for business. That’s how loud the pub gets on weekends.

I was called the slut of the pub till Don came along. He won that title hands down. That bloody dirty slut! Hahaha… It’s a good thing Don doesn’t know how to use a computer.

The Tattoo Pub is closing at the end of November and there will be one last party on November 17. It’s gonna be real hard to say goodbye to something that means so much. What I have are the memories that will last a lifetime. I look forward to the day where I can tell my kids about the pub that daddy used to hangout. I’ll have to modify most of the stories to suit the father image though.

Cheers to the Tattoo Pub!

(The Tattoo Pub is located at Far East Plaza #04-09)

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