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Russell Peters

Bar None has proven time and again that it's the preferred choice among the Stars. Russell Peters was there with his entourage on Sunday evening. Like I've said in previous posts, Russell is an amazing talent. And you know what folks? He's a down to earth bloke. He's as humble as they come and he sure as hell loves Asia. He's also the first person I've not slapped for calling me brown. Twice I might add!!

When Marco introduced me to Russell, he said that I look familiar. For that short moment, I felt special. RUSSELL PETERS HAS SEEN NOEL BOYD BEFORE!! That was wishing thinking on my part. And when he called me his brown brother...I thought to myself, i'm Brown Sugar! All I need now is for a girl to whisper these words: Pour Some Sugar On Me!


  1. congratulations dear..

    ure 1 step closer to fulfilling ur dream of being famous. =)

    (u took a big jump wth ur drunken video! hehehe)


  2. sup neighbour!! don't be jealous la...i did tell you he's coming down to the bar wat!!!

    thanks hida...i'm gonna make it no matter wat...time is ticking...tick tock tick tock...

  3. Noel The famous Slut in YouTube And Blogger...

    Coming soon...



  4. RUBY!! Why is everyone callin me a slut?!
    I mantain my innocence. Till proven guilty that is....


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