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SOMEBODY gonna get hurt!

6th October 2006 will be remembered as the night of laughs. My neighbour Felicia and my dearest sister treated yours truly to Russell Peters Live In Singapore at the SCO Concert Hall. I laughed till my jaws ached and I’m sure everyone walked away with their money well spent. If you wanna talk about talent, Russell has all of that and even more. Sad news is….tickets for Saturday and Sunday’s show is SOLD OUT!

To Fel and Rachel, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I needed a good laugh and it’s exactly what I got. Big hugs and kisses!!

What’s up with the bloody haze? Somebody needs to tell somebody in Indonesia that a certain somebody in Upper Thomson is pissed off!! Each time I open the window, it smells like my room is on fire. Tell me…what the fuck is a drunk Eurasian supposed to do when he wakes up thinking his room is on fire?! If the situation doesn’t improve, I’m gonna come home one day and not know where my house is. My neighbours aren’t gonna be too pleased when a grago starts pounding on their door…

Just so ya’ll know…I’m still crossing my fingers and hoping that Universal Studios opens in Sentosa. Most of you won’t admit it but there’s a kid in each of us. So what if you’re fully tattooed or you’ve got an 8 inch dick. Or boobies that would shame Pamela Anderson...That dumb blonde is sexy though...Some of us love toys and some of us love theme parks. Some like freaky Jacko, simply ‘love’ children. I’ve always been a fan of theme parks and we need a kick ass one in Singapore. Not that lame piece of shit at Downtown East. That’s for idiots whom have nothing better to do on a weekend.

Bout time I head to dreamland. Have a great weekend and love thy family. Lots of love and peace ya’ll!!


  1. You're very welcome Neighbour...we're glad you and my bigbrother enjoyed the show!

    We couldn't bear to see you 2 miss it! As you said, Love thy family!

    Oh, and thanks again fer brekkie :D

  2. =) am glad u enjoyed it so much. It wouldnt have been the same if u two werent there.

    i still hate changi tho!


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