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Jap for a day!

Why is it when you compliment a woman, she’ll always ask if you tell every woman the same thing?? But when a man receives a compliment, we’re supposed to say thank you and shut the hell up!

Does anyone think Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong drinks beer? From a picture in the New Paper, sure looks like he does. He's got what I call a beer lover belly. Most golfers I know drink lots of beer after a good game. If SM Goh does, I wanna have a beer with him. Not to talk politics but to have a general conversation. Can anyone hook me up with a togok session with SM Goh?

I’m sick and tired of non-smokers occupying our tiny smoking corners! Who the fuck do you think you are?! On Sunday night, my neighbour and I were at the hawker centre. There we were drinking and smoking when this big ass family whom were holding plates of free food from the lantern festival, sat their asses down at the last two smoking tables. They had children with them for crying out loud! And no…not a single one of them smoked. The next time I’m out for a meal and I can’t find a smoking table, I better see a non-smoker sitting in our area. Cos if I do, that punk ass is gonna be eating off the floor. Have some mother fucking respect for others!

Alright…I’ve got that off my chest. Would have preferred that off Alyssa Milano’s chest! She’s one fine looking chick. I’ve been charmed by Charmed each and every season. Heh!

If you love rock, pay close attention to what I have to say. ROCK is back in Bar None. Energy returned to the bar last night and they’re official launch is on Thursday. So…if you’re free on Thursday, rock on down to Bar None for Energy: Back In Black.
Promotions for Thursday….
Remy Martin Bottle @ $168
Jim Beam Black @ $168
Bucket of 5 Erdinger Bottles @ $50
2 Bottles of Moët Chandon @ $160 (7pm - 9pm)

I’m gonna end this post with this What’s Your Japanese Name crap!

Your Japanese Name Is...

Masakazu Watanabe

What the hell does that name mean? I rather be called Ni-Nabei Cheebye!


  1. ohhh.. Japs i like! will leave u with this link and a phony nick (so gf wont make noise lah)...

    It's the link we been searching for bro!!!

  2. hey, you doin' free promo for Bar None ah? hehehe....

    Are you goin? I might be there too... but as a guest lah... no more shows there, haisshhh... miss da place already...
    Bar None has one of the best crowds ever...

    Lemme noe if you're going yeah....
    I'll tell you if I can make it ;-)

  3. u are so funny man!! enjoy reading your blog :)


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