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A new record!

I’ll like to start off by thanking you for reading the Tattooed Blog. For the month of September, this blog was read by 1036 readers. Compared to other blogs, that figure may be low or an embarrassment. But to me, it’s an awesome increase. In Aug 2006, StatCounter recorded a humble 271 ‘unique’ readers.

Some may jump the gun and say that each time you refresh the page, the counter increases its tally. What StatCounter does is that it tracks your IP address and cookies to give the user a.k.a ME, accurate traffic statistics.

When I first started blogging, it was more for fun than anything else. But now, it’s part of my life. It’s become an outlet for my thoughts and a place where old friends gather to catch up on my life.

With that said...I thank you *bows* for reading the Tattooed Blog and do come back for more! One Love folks!


  1. my my.. aren't you quite the narcissist. =)

    love your blog sweetheart.
    thank you for introducing me to it.

  2. Congratulations Neighbour!

    But we still have to hunt down the person who hit you for the 3693th time and poke his/her eyes out!

  3. Well, you've got your looks to thank for. Haha, kidding ya.

    You're welcome anyways. :)

  4. To Hida: haha...what can I say? I love myself! no need to thank me...but thank you for reading =)

    To Neighbour: Thanks for the congrats..For those that don't know about the 3693, here's the story...3 saturdays ago, I checked the last count on my counter and it was 3693. So, I bought the number and the 2nd prize was 3692. Who ever the last visitor was, owes me $9000!!!

    To Shantel: Thanks babe!! You're a cheeky girl...Do you have a blog, friendster, msn, myspace, etc...?


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