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One Love

The images I saw of Thailand last night was shocking to say the least. If you’ve traveled to Thailand, you’ll agree that the Thais are the most polite bunch in Southeast Asia. They’ve got an amazing culture and if I could choose where I’ll raise my children, Thailand would be the place. I pray that the PM issue is solved peacefully and life in Tom Yum Land returns to normality.

Some of you may have been asking yourselves why I was affected by Steve Irwin’s death. It wasn’t what I read or saw on television that affected me. I’ve been a long time admirer of Steve and the amount of conservation work he’s done in his lifetime, deserves the outmost respect. Steve was also the best and most passionate animal keeper that any zoo has seen. The drive and determination to educate and share his love for animals with the world, took him on a journey that touched millions of hearts. Steve was a gift to Mother Nature and as said on numerous occasions, he was the animals best friend. In my opinion, God took away that gift too soon. His work will never be forgotten and as he taught us, we each can play a role.

We’re living in a world filled with anger and sorrow. Each time you turn on the news, you see wars, riots, natural disasters, etc…The one thing we have on this planet that eludes itself from our crazy world is the wildlife around us. If we learn to appreciate the good things in life, it’s worth saving. Take my advice and visit the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, Underwater World and the SPCA. After your visit, you’ll likely say no to shark fin soup, animal preserved parts (Chinese medicine), ivory and other items from illegal poaching. And that my friend, is the start of a beautiful beginning.

I’m gonna end this post on a lighter note. And hopefully it puts a smile on your face. Ready? SMILE!! If you didn’t smile, now is the time to do so. I SAID SMILE!!! =)
MyHeritage.Com has come up with this awesome new feature. You’ve got to try it to believe it!! Here’s who I most resemble!!


  1. would you say yes if i say "marry me"?
    cause u damn bastard!..u are 73% of gerorge clooney!...
    damnz..i likeee....yum yum!!!

  2. Suharto?? disturbingly sexy..

    HA HA!!

  3. wouldnt wanna marry me ruby. i've got too many tattoos for your own good.

    hi Hida...Suharto is disturbingly sexy?? hehe...I'll take that as a compliment. Yeah!


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