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Remembering Steve Irwin

Animal Planet South-East Asia will be airing Steve Irwin's Memorial LIVE on September 20 at 7.00am (SIN/HK). A repeat telecast will be broadcasted on Sunday, September 24 at 6.00pm.


  1. Hi,
    I'm Nana... da singer from Bar None...
    Thanks for mentioning my name in your blog...

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts...

    Wanna link?


  2. Hi Nana,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. It was my pleasure including you in that post. You've got a powerful voice and it screams for attention each time you do a number. The funny thing about Singapore is that very few appreciate the work of local musicians.

    Thank you for the compliment and I sincerely hope that you visit this blog again when you're free. I'll link you in a short bit.

    To the rest of my readers, I'll do another post today when I've cleared my head. Watching the Steve Irwin Memorial was both sad and painful. If you could see my eyes now, i'll be the most embarrassed s.o.b in town.

    Have a good Wednesday ahead and pop by Bar None tonight. It's their 7th Anniversary and all proceeds will go to M.I.L.K. It's for an excellent charity organization and you'll get to see Nana in action!

  3. *hugz* neighbour

    (oh and btw, i've dedicated my latest post to u! hehe)


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