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Most Sundays I wake up with a smile. I reckon I should start waking up feeling holy real soon. By the looks of things, this insane world is gonna end mighty soon.

If you picked up a copy of the Newpaper today, you would have read bout this stupid son of a bitch that goes around kicking cats while being filmed. What the fuck is up with this bastard?! Is he mentally sick? Is he a low down dumb fuck? Or is he some loser that’s dying for fame? I reckon it’s all of the above.

Like most videos that are passed around these days, we as normal human beings, would have the urge to Bluetooth the god damn file to our friends. I Noel Boyd, plead with you not to do the same with this file. Cos if YOU do, YOU would be encouraging this bastard.

I’ve got 7 beautiful cats in my house. Each one is special in its own charming way. If you have a pet, you’ll get where I’m coming from. Its frustrating that after all the work the SPCA has been doing over the years, some morons just don’t get it. We need tougher laws here to protect animals and a years jail term just doesn’t do shit!

This whole thing is frustrating and it’s pissing the shit outta me. I'm gonna end this post here.


  1. "By the looks of things, this insane world is gonna end mighty soon."

    - so fucking true. and it's about time.

    ps: Your blog looks pretty.

  2. Hi you agree with me huh? it's either gonna be sooner or later...

    Thanks dear...first time visiting my blog? Do you have one? Do you have a friendster account? Or myspace? Or Coolude? Hahahaha...I get excited all the time when I get new visitors. Don't mind me...

  3. i just want to hurl tht muthafu**er rite in the stomach and see how far he flies too.. !$%@#$%@#$%

    and if he doesnt fly far (cuz i'm small) i'll get noel to kick his sorry nabey ass! basket.

  4. sure babe! count me in anytime. I'll wear my CATERPILLAR Steel Toe Boots!

  5. i say cut the bastards dick off and stick it up his arse and then kick him down a flight of stairs with lots of little blades glued to them...
    and if he's still alive once he's travelled down 30 flights then i say get his most beloved and do the same to them..sick bastards dont deserve an ounce of mercy!

  6. Now now, we'll leave his family and friends out of this..he deserves all the punishment..him and whoever filmed it.

    Fuckin arseholes!

    And i support the 'Death by a thousand chinese paper cuts' torture routine!


  7. kill em all!!!!! the torturers that is!!


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