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This is sooooo embarrassing!! But, I promised a few people that I’ll post this video on my beloved blog. This video was taken a month and a half ago. From what I hear, I’m always like this when I’m drunk. I’m gonna hide under my bed while you watch this video. Happy Sunday folks!!

ps: my thanks to Hida for this video


  1. noel desmond boyd.

    you're a brave brave man.. i'm proud of you. in the name of fame you are willing to put yourself out there. you are singapore's very own Bridget Jones. lol!!

    u rawwwkk!!!

  2. i know i know...brave brave man = balls of steel!
    what to do right? i'm a prostitute! thanks anyway sweetheart!

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog with me Noel. You're one funny ass when you're drunk. I know who to call if I ever visit Singapore. And you better let me know if you come up to malaysia. Or i'll spank that ass of yourz!!

    Psssst!! We think you're yummy!

  4. hahaha! thanks Stella. Holla if you ever make the trip to Singapore. And yea...i'll drop you a PM if i'm coming up. Could you please spank me if I come up? I'll bring my whip too!!

    And..who is we??

  5. my dearest brother... i love u deeply but that was the sorriest display of drunken stupor i have seen in ages...!! its hilarious!!! thank u so much fer making me laugh!

    go balls o' steel! or marbles! whichever!


  6. I havent laughed this hard in a long time! Thank you for finally putting this up neighbour!

    I say 'Go Marbles!!'

  7. ha ha ha......

    u are never this brave to reveal ur other side...
    ah well, congrats..
    should put up more of this...

  8. hey little sis! i'm glad you found that hilarious!!

    to my neighbour...laughter is the best medicine ain't it? too bad its at my expense!!

    and lastly to Ruby, there will not be anymore of this. Filming Noel Boyd when he is drunk is a naughty thing to do!! from today onwards, i'm never ever gonna get drunk again. Unless i'm in KL *winkz*

  9. let me explain this undirected little clip which the star has zero recollection of.

    the first 15 seconds u see him shock-faced-mouth-agape-freeze-framed, that's because folks, for the longest time he thot he was posing for a still shot.

    towards the end, he eventually admits, amidst the finger-snapping-chicken-dance routine (Noel's signature smooth groove, trust me, it'll catch on like wildfire), that he has a fetish for throwing up on people..


  10. hida this is the funniest thing ive seen and kudos to u coz catching anyone this pissed is funny but catching my brother... priceless!!
    well done u!!

  11. Sister!! Don't encourage her can?? Got a bunch of sms's today from friends saying they're gonna charge their mobiles before going out with me. This is motivation to never ever drink lots again!!

    And Hida!! I DO NOT LIKE THROWING UP ON PEOPLE!! If I did, i wouldn't have any drinkin kakis. Oh wait! I don't have many left. My eldest brother and I have so much in common. When I saw the video, it reminded me of him. It runs in the Boyd family. *hangs head in shame*

  12. Neighbour, I suspect ur never gonna see the end of this one! Hahah!

    And we'll take it one step up, we'll bring our cameras along the next time (takes longer clips!). Oh wait, I already do that!


  13. Hey there...
    Make sure you come up to me when you're in Bar None....
    So I'll remember your face the nex time you come and visit...

    Pleasure to make your acquaintance.... ;-)

  14. gerls!! gerlss!!!!

    Dont put any end...
    put it up more...
    for so long this is the first time,,,ahakz!!!

    Hida...kudos to you...!!

  15. Hi Nana...You bet I will! I'll try to drop by tonight? Ya'll leave at the end of the month right?

    Ruby...what did you just say? *shakes head* You're mad!!!

  16. why, thank you to all!!

    *bows politely*


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