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My drunken video seems to be a hit! Some friends have promised that the next video will be of better quality and it’ll be longer. That’s just what I need!! But you know what? It sure beats having a sex video of yours truly being passed from one person to another. Heh! *oh god….please don’t ever ever let that happen…my parents won’t be pleased.*

Indonesia and Malaysia have been going on and on about Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s comments on the way ethnic Chinese are treated in their countries. Indonesia has been asked Singapore to clarify these remarks and the media in Malaysia have had a field day with their ongoing debates.

If these two countries want to prove otherwise, all they have to do is to show the world what they have done for their minority races. I’ve always believed in equality and that’s what we have in Singapore. There’s not a day where I do not feel Singaporean and there hasn’t been a day where I’ve felt that Eurasians should be treated better. And no, Minister Mentor Lee SHOULD not apologize. Why the hell should we apologize when it’s the god damn truth?!

My annual In-Camp-Training (ICT) starts on the 23rd of October and I can’t wait to see some of these guys. I’ve not seen them in 3 years and so much have changed. For one, I can’t fit into my army uniform anymore!! KNN!! And…I’m one of the FEW whom have yet to get married. Along with my buddy Vijay, we’re the bachelors of the batch. I reckon lots were expecting me to tie the knot. As life is, things don’t always work to your preference.

I’m gonna leave you with a picture from my army days. This picture is of Raymond and I in our bunk. You’ll see why I can’t fit in my bloody uniform anymore!!


  1. damn bro! i didnt realise u were so hot!
    it dont even look like u...!!!

    heh! but have no fear, ure still hot.. and ya know it!

  2. haha...thanks sis! i was a skinny motherfucker! how is that hot? i've got more to hold now. or so i've heard. hmm...

  3. Neighbour, personally I think you look way better now!

    But that's just me ;)

  4. i couldn't agree more felicia! =)

  5. thanks neighbour! i've found a couple of albums which i'll scan and post before i turn 28. i'm mighty glad i'm not skinny anymore. reckon i look gross. know what i think about fat people. heh!

    and hida...thanks for agreeing with Fel-asleep.

    Nights ya'll!!

  6. Hahah I know, I know..but ur not it doesn't count..can't say the same for some other we know of tho ;D (I think you know very well who I'm referring to)

    Doo di doo di doo! Keeee!

  7.'re right! we're thinking of the same person *winkz*


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