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it's a TuEsDaY

Hi all...I hope you’re on your way to an excellent week. I'm at a lost as to what to write. If ya'll can, give me some ideas and i'll draft a post.

And no, I'm not gonna talk about the World Cup final. It makes my blood boil and I so fucking wish that my female companion hadn't pulled me away from that aussie son-of-a-bitch! There's always a next time and I'll tell ya'll about it when i'm done with him. It might just be 'WE' if i can't wait till friday.

Be sure to catch ROCKSTAR on AXN! Last week was the first episode and it's a show that all rock lovers will love. I prefer this show to American Idol and I sure as hell think that Singapore Idol is fucked. Wait a min...I KNOW!

It's the worse ever program i've seen on local television. Triple Nine was a far better watch. That's how crappy Idol is. And, I heard this from a credible source. The next winner of Singapore Idol will be a chinese. It was decided long before season 2 kicked off. Why am i not surprised? It sure as hell doesn't look good when Sylvester is selling more albums than Taufiq. In my view, both of them suck!

Alright folks...this grouchy scorpio is outta here!

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