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Certain changes have been made to this blog. With the friendly advice from neighbour, I’ve tried to keep things clean and simple. I don’t understand the 3 colour rule but I think I’ve done a pretty good job. Especially for someone that knows shit about html. Pat on the back for Noel.

I’ve added a tagboard and a guestbook. Please feel free to sign the guestbook. Then again, sign the mother fucking guestbook will ya!! It’s been two bloody days and it’s still empty!

I’ll add more stuff in time to come…In the meanwhile, Felicia and Rachel are going shark hunting in Tioman. Such nice neighbours…

I’m outta here!


  1. aww neighbour, u didnt have to change it! it was fine the way it was! im sorry.. :(

    and yes its pretty amazing wat you've managed for someone who doesnt know html..

    and we're not going shark hunting! now that's just mean!

  2. guestbooks are redundant. now guestbooks invite a whole load of crap spams n virus links. i think u shld just scrap dat and live with this commentary link n chatterbox.

  3. excuse me! sharks are friends not food!
    and im not goin to tioman... shes leaving me all alone by myself... sigh....

    im alloooonnnneee,t heres no one here beside me!!

  4. babes, im NOT leaving u alone, ur going to Aur with ur husband!! YOU are abandoning meeeeee!

    Lonelyyyy, im missylonelyyyyy...


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