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There's Something About Wendy

Happy Sunday all! I hope you’ve enjoyed the past couple of posts. Gals would have enjoyed the World Cup Hunks edition. And guys would have loved the numerous pictures of our World Cup women. Some guys might have had an erection or two. I know I had one while searching for these pics. Ok, I lied...Multiple!!

One person did not enjoy the pictures. And that person is “wendytunes”. Thanks to othersidefame, missbitchalot and poppy crumbs, I had backup. Backup that could kick your ass if you barked up the wrong tree. I never had the intention to offend anyone. And if you deem those pictures degrading or offensive, you need a bloody life. Or a nice dick!

Just for the record, I have never slept with a WENDY. I have never dated a WENDY. And I have never been interested in a WENDY. Just to play safe, I’ll never sleep with a WENDY as long as I can keep a healthy erection.

On to the World Cup and other issues that need to be discussed. It’s sad that England failed to play to their potential. I will never understand why Theo Walcott was included in the squad. They needed a good backup forward. A player whom they could bring on when they needed a goal. And trust me, they needed a goal in every match they played. Oh well, looks like I’ve got to wait another 4 damn long years!

The smoking ban at outdoor food centres, hawkers and other F&B outlets is now in effect. Though I strongly feel for children and the elderly, it’s gonna take some getting used to. Thankfully, the Sembawang Hills Food Centre has allocated a smoking zone. What’s happy hour at the hawker without cigarettes?

I have decided to cut my hair real short. It’ll be so short that people will probably ask when I’m booking into camp. It’s no secret that yours truly is balding. I might as well look good while I’m balding. Heh!

Alright folks, I’m gonna call it a night. Take care and have a fucking good week ahead.


  1. now now neighbour, dun hafta thank pretty sure u would have done the same for us..

    something our gahmen calls 'the neighbourhood watch'

  2. a'ah...give me hi-five...and who is this wendy lah?..neways, she went silence..tell if she barking up again..
    oh yes dear..y wonder if u go balding, you old already ah...ahakz!!!
    thanks for being there for me too..

  3. I'm a Wendy! I'm a nice Wendy! I'm a funny and creative Wendy! It sucks that as a Wendy, I get looped with a crazy Wendy! My point being, Don't fear a Wendy! You just never know.


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