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Thanks to William, this piece of shit I call a computer is now working fine. With some luck, my laptop will be up and running by the next week.

Once again yours truly took an extra long nap and missed a night of crazy partying. I’ve been to Rouge every day since Monday. Reckon god figured that one more day wouldn’t do my body any good.

I miss Lynn. Not forgetting Jewel too…What does Lynn and Rouge have in common? Lots I tell you…

Leon is in Bintan with Agnes and I’m mighty certain that they’ll have a ball of a time. I hate weddings but I can’t wait for them to tie the knot. For them, I’ll dress up for their big day :)

The coming week would see D.Storm work its last event. I’ve got the best damn emcee to work this event and some mighty fine talents too. It’s gonna be awesome with some of my closest buddies helping out as well. It’s gonna be a fine week ahead!

Here’s what seems to be the plan for the future…With D.Storm closing, I’m gonna have a whole lot of free time. I’m gonna emcee more since there won’t be a conflict of interest and hopefully spend more time in the studios. The whole lot of equipment is up for sale. So, if you know anyone that plans on opening an events company or pub, get them to holla. With the shit that I have, a pub would rock and an events company will kick some ass.

The money I’m gonna get from the equipment will go into a F&B venture. Can’t say much now but it’s gonna rock!

I’m gonna watch K.FC play their match at Xinmin Secondary School. After which I’ll head to Lynn’s place. Before which, I’ll meet up with the tattoo boys for a good number of beers. Ya’ll enjoy your Sunday!


  1. good whatever u do!
    wish u all the best...

  2. you seems just as excited as we are about getting hitched. i guess we all want a happy ending after all the shit of the last couple of years. :)


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