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The Tattoo Boys

That’s what people call us. It’s the name of our group at Far East. If you know us, the name would sound familiar. My guess is that even when we’re old, we’ll still be called that. I reckon Lorrine is part of the group. After all, she’s half man half woman. She could probably be our spokesman for the group. On most drunk nights, you’ll hear this tiny girl from doors away. She’ll scream your fucking head off if you irritate her. Ask Vik. He’s probably deaf by now…

I’ll like to take a short pause and wish all mothers a Happy Mothers Day!! Specially going out to all MILF’S!! If you don’t know what a MILF is…They’re Mothers I’d Like to Fuck! Saw a good number of them on the evening CNA news. *Slurp*

As I’ve said before, I see tattoos as an art. And I don’t mean those cheap dragon tattoos. We all know where those tattoos come from. I love tattoos which were inked for a reason. Either in remembrance of someone or to mark a certain milestone in ones life.

If you don’t know a thing about tattoos, watch Miami Ink on Sundays @ 11pm (Discovery Travel & Living). It’s the perfect show tat educates the world about OUR world.

When I decided to get inked on my lower arms, I knew that I was taking things to a whole new level. This is where your tattoos are for the world to see. And the world will judge you. If you can take that, then you’re prepared. Then again, who likes to be judged or labeled?

Just a week ago, I visited a neighbourhood clinic. Believe me when I say this, I thought I was gonna die from the cough I had. Besides the cough, I had a fever and the common flu. When I went in to see the doctor, he checked out my tattoos for a good 5 minutes. Looking at each one and asking what they were. It’s cool when someone stops and appreciates what we have. When it got down to him asking what my sickness was, I became one of those “not so good guys”.

You know you’re classified as one of those when you tell the doctor you have a cough and he replies... “you have a cough??”. For crying out loud!! I don’t need cough mixture to get high!! Motherfucker!!

It’s equally as bad when I go to a bank with a cash cheque. It takes at least 10 frustrating minutes to get my money. Hard earned money I might add. They’ll call the client whom issued the cheque and go through the whole process of Clarifying. And no, it’s not procedure. I have seen blokes in the line that get things settled in a minute.

On the brighter side of life, it’s become a norm when a stranger chats me up. One even pulled my arm when I was rushing through Toa Payoh Hub. These strangers provide a good short chat and I usually promo the artists.

My next tattoo will be on my inner bicep. It’ll have the word “Tattoo Boys’ like the one above. In the coming week or so, I’ll put up a pictorial of my current tattoos. I’ll include designs of the ones which will be done later in the year.

Till then, get some Ink!


  1. Hi darling,

    Forget those people. Those whom judge are a waste of them. We are entertainment people. We're thicker skin than that right?

    And why did you tell my staff that you're quitting?? We've got loads of shows for you to host man!

    Text or buzz when you read this! And don't forget our date on thursday!!


  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. hey...thanks "othersidefame"...

    reckon the most important thing is to stay true and be yourself. i can never understand assholes tat are so fuckin fake. they're all around us!!

    listen guys...if ya'll wanna chill and have a good fuckin time, drop by Rouge and we'll have a blast.

    if u don't have my number, we'll hook up on msn. add me at

  4. hey...i gotten all your info..from number to msn address...
    i am not faking anything...i am telling u now that we know each other..
    reckon u dint read my blog..n u dun have to read it..
    see you when i see you...


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