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Miss Singapore

My my…I just couldn’t resist adding my two cents regarding the Miss Singapore Universe 2006. Once again, this competition has been a total let down. Fuck! It’s far worse than a let down.

Can someone please tell me why the contestants are so bloody ugly? I know for a fact that Singapore has a good stock of gorgeous looking women. I’ve seen them in clubs, restaurants and a particular health spa. Just last night, I saw a lovely trio. They were far better than lovely. And the way they were dancing, I’m glad I didn’t have a heart attack. More like a boner…

My guess is that the good looking ones don’t want to waste their time with some cheap competition. They’ve got better things to do. Same reason why Don hasn’t joined Manhunt. He’ll likely sign up for BangBus or BangBoat sooner or later. Or Slut Hunt if they come up with one.

It’s a fuckin disgrace to have someone whom isn’t on par with the rest of Asia. If you’re a follower of past Miss Universe competitions, you’ll know what I mean. Look at Miss Philippines, Miss India and Miss Japan. That’s just Asia we’re talking about. The chances of a Singaporean winning a Miss Universe competition are the same as our national squad winning the World Cup. It’s virtually impossible!!

But….I did like Jade Seah (First Runner-up). She’s hot in my books. Of all the girls, she deserved most to win the title. That’s my opinion anyhow…

I say…let the public choose who gets into the qualifying round. Let us choose whom we want to see on television. Let us choose whom we want as the next Miss Singapore Universe.

If you do know any of the contestants, you’ll probably leave a comment like “oh, she’s a nice person”. The last I checked, this isn’t a Miss Nice contest. Or a Miss Intelligent contest. No doubt, the winner should be smart, beautiful and a person that carries herself well. Not some dumb blond whom thinks that oral sex will get her pregnant. I do know of a Lian that fits that description. I’ll tell ya’ll more about her at a convenient time. But, I do wanna add that I’ve tried explaining to her that it isn’t possible. She didn’t buy my detailed explanation. Oh well…

What do you think would be a more appropriate Miss Singapore Universe?

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  1. want an introduction to jade? heh. old school mates. and fyi, she used to be a lot hotter back in school. legs that will make you come in your pants. she still looks pretty alright now. but *sigh*.. its such a far cry from her younger days..

    but anyway.. i need black hawk down. ;)


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