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Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Well folks, this insane motherfucker is back from Bali! And what a blast it was!! In case you’re wondering, the Tiësto gig was awesome. The hangovers were a blast too. I’m starting to enjoy them. It’s the only time when you’re allowed to act like a retard for a day!!

I’ve got an option to extend my business license for another year. Chances of that happening is like Garfield being humped by Snoopy. Some sick fuckers may attempt to visualize this. Stop it!! I know I just did.

Yours truly might just be partnering a buddy in a venture into the F&B industry. Or I might just partner another buddy into the world of tattoos and sins. Things are still in the primary stages. With god’s guidance, I’ll make a decision pretty soon. One thing for sure, I’ll sell my babies (audio & lighting equipment) for a brand new start.

Well, I need a brand new start. I can’t sit around and hope that dreams will turn into reality. Sure, passion is great for work. Sometimes, it takes more than passion. That’s something I don’t have in the events management business. So, fuck it. I made my name and done some pretty wild and crazy events visit for pictures of our Bali trip.)

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