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It’s about bloody time I posted something here. This blog has been rather quiet the past coupla weeks. Quite frankly, I didn’t know what to say nor did I have anything worth writing about.

WASSUP with Thailand?! I for one thought that Thaksin was a marvelous Prime Minister. Seems like all the good deeds he’s done for his country has gone unnoticed. Will they ever have another PM like him? Never!

The visit to the zoo this week was a blast. My nephew Alden and I have finally bonded. It’s truly amazing how the Singapore Zoo has evolved. It’s what I call a money making machine. The branding and marketing of our zoo speaks for itself. The décor at the Night Safari’s entrance is awesome as well. Do visit either attraction when you have the time.

Rumors are running rampant that all food joints (coffeeshops, kopitiams, hawkers, etc…) will ban smoking by June this year. This is utter crap. There goes our beer drinking sessions. What’s a beer without a cigarette? What’s even worse, the ban will extend to pubs and clubs.

This may sound rude. But hell, I don’t give a fucking damn. If you’re a non-smoker and you pub, and you can’t stand cigarette smoke, stay home! It’s cos of your lame complaints, we smokers are made to go through hell. Just because you don’t smoke, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t!

I’m stepping back into the emcee scene once again. That’s where the $$$ is. I’m working on a new stage routine and I’ll be ready to roll in May. My VO demo CD will also be out in May. With the events and all next month, May looks like a fucking good month.

It’s time for me to fuck on out of the house. Till next time boys and girls!

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