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Shake that ass!

Interesting links from wikipedia. You can find just about anything on this marvelous online encyclopedia. Have fun surfing if you haven’t already.

Our very own naughty girl of Singapore. I wouldn’t say what she did was wrong. If you think it is, slap yourself in the face for being a conservative SOB! I might add that she looks mighty fine too…

My favourite girl at the moment! She’s sexy, has lovely juicy lips and the fantasies I have about her are totally wicked! Boy does she squirt!! Love is in the air!! Dang dang dang dannnnggggg!

Here’s a shit load to read of the best rock band in the world. Enuff said!! Ladies and Gentlemen…GUNS N FUCKIN ROSES!

Ya’ll all know I love tattoos. It’s an obsession I tell you!!

Alright…enough of this wikipedia bullshit. If you find something interesting, send the link via the comment tab. This week sees me returning as the host of the Little Ireland festival at Peranakan Place. It’s gonna be four days of madness with the free flow of stout. The best stout in the world I must say! Well…I’m a whore…They’re paying me to give them pops….

Hopefully one day, I’ll get my PHD with this research. Here it goes….After months of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that women that either pillion or ride a bike, have fantastic looking asses! In Bali, most women ride a bike. And they all have butts to die for!! Not forgetting, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The female friends that I know whom ride, have rear ends that I can only dream of spanking.

Maybe riding a bike tones the ass. Maybe it evens adds some chunk to the ass. Whatever it does, it’s doing the trick. We all know that bikes are a hazard to life. But if you’re gonna have an ass that’s gonna be worshipped, I say RISK your life!

On the topic of butts, which race do you reckon has yummy looking rears? My vote goes to the malay chicks. They’re a sexy bunch and they know how to strut their stuff. I’m gonna leave it as this before I get too much slack!

So folks, the next time you see a chick on a bike, be sure to check out her ass and I’m fuckin sure that you’ll see something worth seeing. I ain’t talking about some middle age woman on a bike. The one person I’ll love to see on the bike right now?? Lily Thai!!!

*Noel slurps and cums all over his keyboard*

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