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It’s been 7 days since I wrote anything here. We’ve been busy with our Booze Camp Bali preparations. My thanks to Felicia for helping out with the logo. It’s great having neighbours like her. Not like the bitch next door. Revenge is gonna come sweet!!

Aren’t Scorpios revengeful? If anyone steps on my shoes, I’ll kill the mother fuckin bastard.

Tammy seems to be the hottest name in Singapore. Everyone is talking about her and why shouldn’t they? I’m gonna make this simple…If you choose to walk around with something so private, you’ve gotta make sure you don’t lose it. With that said, I’ve deleted all videos of myself from my Sony handphone. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

To the bitch that stole Tammy’s phone, that’s a fuckin fucked up thing to do. She should spend sometime behind bars and hopefully, thought a good lesson.

I’ve added a new tattoo. It’s of my late grandfather and the reviews have been awesome so far. Su is and will always be a great friend. It’s the most meaningful tattoo I have and I’m still in awe.

This week will see Lorrine and EE turn a year older. Hopefully alcohol doesn’t ruin their birthdays. We’ll wait and see…

Leon bought two cute hamsters and I must say that I love them. I’ve been visitin them in his room whenever he’s at work. Pets are always a joy to have. The hardest part is being a good owner. He’ll do well in this department.

I’m gonna cut down on my drinking. If you think I can’t do it, FUCK YOU! I know I can and I’m going jogging tomorrow. I’ve had enough of chest pains and the ever growing tummy. I’ve got too many designer shirts and t-shirts that I can’t wear. Instead of giving them away, I might as well lose some fucking weight .

Most of you know I love cooking…In a couple of days, I’ll be adding something new to this page. Look out for it folks!!

I’m gonna head to Newton. Lorrine and I are gonna have an orgy fest with seafood. Till next time, give Tammy a break!!

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  1. ahh, Noel Boyd, the neighbour i never knew i had..
    am glad i could help with ur logo..should u need help again, u know where to find me..
    seeyaround neighbour!


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