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Once upon a time, 3 mad Singaporeans arrived in Bali with high hopes of finding the exclusive Punani. One of them did find an odd looking lighter accessory which soon became known as the PUNANI BRUSH! A trio of gals had so much fun with the brush that my camera now holds pictures that are deemed R Rated. It’s a wonder what a couple of drinks can do…

Knowing how Singaporeans are on most trips, we proved to be of a different breed. We drank like there was no tomorrow. Who wouldn’t when it’s cheaper than water? We gawked at each and every woman that was within our view. Who wouldn’t when the Balinese women have such lovely asses!! Not forgetting the Caucasian and Japanese chicks. They sure know how to dress up to party. Or should I say dress down?? I love women and Bali gives just that.

In all the nights we headed out to party, not once did we see a Singaporean. Our flight up to Denpasar was filled with Singaporeans. Most of whom failed badly in their attempt to look like a surfer dude or babe. My only guess is that they choose to chill by the beach and slept early on all the nights. Singaporeans need to learn to hang out more. It’s not that nobody wants to talk to us. It’s just that we are down right boring.

Ever tried chatting up with a Singaporean in a club? They’ll either give you a fucked up look or they’ll just walk away. I’d rather fuck a foreigner than deal with this shit. So guys, try chatting up a Caucasian or Asian babe and you’ll see what I mean.

Alright…back to the trip. I had a fantastic time with Don and Eddie. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without either. Till May comes along, I’m gonna miss the pounding on my door (Eddie), Don’s not stop drinking and a certain trio. Hah!

Sharin was a fabulous host yet again! This dude is the hardest working person and it has bared fruits. Some may call it the fruits of labour. He’ll do well with whomever he ends up working for.

We’ll return to Bali in May. This time round, it’ll be for 5 days. We’ll depart on the 5th and return on the 9th. If anyone is interested, let us know. The earlier we book, the cheaper the flights will be. If you love drinking, good food, partying to 7 in the morning, you’ll love our company. It gets even better if you love women! Slurp! As long as I continue to visit Bali, I need to remain single. That’s my conclusion after this trip. I’ve sinned way too many times over a period of 3 days.

But no matter what happens in Bali, it stays in Bali. Though I have a feeling that may not be entirely true! To be continued….

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