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Till next time...

Less than 24 hours before we depart to the island of paradise. The trip may be short but it’ll be a blast nonetheless. Three of us are making the trip and we’ve not had any last minute additions. We were hoping for some but things aren’t meant to be.

Whenever I head to Indonesia, there is always a fear that something bad might happen. Prior to the last trip to Bali, I felt uneasy bout going. As I boarded the plane, I had second thoughts. One thing led to another, a tattoo kinda saved my life. Some might say a butterfly did.

I’m feeling uneasy again. There’s this fear that will forever be in me. As long as we live in this screwed up world, the only safe place is home. If we stop going to Bali, the terrorists win. I ain't gonna let that happen. Not in this lifetime at least.

Till I return from Bali, god bless and take care always!

Noel Boyd

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