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Sun Day!

Hello people!

This week saw D.Storm back at week after a 3 week break. The event was superb and our clients went home happy. That’s what an event is all about. That’s the pride I take in my work. No short cuts and delivering what I promise. This year will be a good year for D.Storm. I’ll damn right make sure…

This week also saw Susan, Don and Eddie at my house. I love having friends over. Whether it is to feast or to have a couple rounds of booze. Most times, I get to cook for this special group of close friends. Something which is always a joy.

I’ve been thinking of the places I wanna go to when I’m financially stable. They are listed in no particular order…

1) Hawaii – I’ve long wanted to travel to Hawaii. It’s likely be a 14 day trip. Maybe longer considering how beautiful the island is. I used to imagine visiting Hawaii on my honeymoon. In reality, my wife would probably catch me sleeping with a sexy Hawaiian babe…Doesn’t seem like a bad idea though. Hmm…

2) India – Friends whom have visited India, have come back with remarkable stories. I wanna try the food, visit the Taj Mahal and meet some fair Indian chicks. I love food and Indian food is one of my favorites

3) Thailand – I love the Thai culture and made lotsa friends during my last trip to Krabi. I’m more into the thai islands such as Krabi. Nice friendly people, cheap beer and yummy food. Nuff said!!

4) Holland – It’s been years since the last visit. I miss the red light district. Fuck man…I’ll miss any country where weed is legal!!

5) Philippines – The very country that produces countless talented musicians. It’s the perfect place to visit where almost every club has a live band. Oh wait, they usually have 5 or more bands a night. How cool is that??

I’ll add more locations in due time. In the meantime, I’m gonna continue watchin this dumb documentary of Dragons on Discovery!


  1. wrong spelling lah bro .. work not week .. first sentence .. do take note k .. ciaoz ...


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