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WWE vs Eddie's Fans

For years, I have defended the antics of the WWE. The most common phrase that comes out from my lips, “It’s simply entertainment”. However, these is a limit to entertainment. In fact, there’s a limit to everything in life. In recent weeks, I have been disturbed by their storylines.

Why do they need to include Eddie Guerrero in their recent story lines? By saying that Eddie is in hell doesn’t make their show all the more exciting. Neither does it gain more fans. What in the blue moon were they thinking?? It upsets me when the person I love, adore and look up to, is said to be in hell. I’m damn sure that Eddie is in heaven. Why wouldn’t god want a son like Eddie to be up in heaven? Heck, Vince McMahon would never get pass the gates of heaven. Likewise to a number of superstars that are on their roster. I’m pretty darn sure!

Like many of Eddie’s friends have mentioned on many occasions, Eddie always spoke about God and carried his bible wherever he went. He never failed to speak about god and his religion. He’s an awesome individual that is still missed by millions of fans. Yours truly, is trying to follow his example by fighting my demons. It’s never ever easy! That’s life and a battle that has to be won.

It makes me sick to know that the WWE will stoop to such a level. Were the tears from the McMahon family fake (crocodile tears)? Do they not love Eddie like the millions and millions of fans? The athlete that gave the wrestling world a hundred percent. I guess certain things are forgotten. There’s more to life than cheap entertainment. Right now, it’s low class entertainment that I’m not gonna bother watching!!

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  1. I have to agree with you on that,bro. there are some lines that should never be crossed and the WWE is exploiting eddie guerero's death for financial gain. that is not right. just like how week after week different wrestler's invoke his name just to get a rub(mysterio, chavo, mexicools, batista etc). It was nice at first, but now it has become too repetitive and blatant commercialism.


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