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It’s been a sick weekend. In more ways than you would think. Firstly, yours truly has been hit by a virus. The doctor isn’t sure what it is. I’m certain it isn’t the flu. With the common flu, you’ll get the usual symptoms of fever, cold, etc… What I have is a fever that comes and goes, cold sweat through the day and my nostrils feels terribly sore. The last time I felt like this was after the 3 surgeries I had in 2003 and 2004. A trip to my surgeon seems likely this week.

Don’t you think the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed are sickening? When will humans learn to respect another’s religion?? The whole incident is uncalled for and the violence that followed is well, horrible to witness. I’m not a Muslim but I do know a great deal of people that are. You simply don’t hurt or offend a community by drawings which aren’t funny in the first place. I’ve heard that there are drawings of Mother Mary with a condom and of Christ with horns. If someone showed them to me, I’ll punch the fellow so hard that he’ll go deaf and blind!!

Liverpool lost their match against Chelsea. A disappointing result I must say. Even more disappointing was their play. Passes weren’t right and chances weren’t taken.

I’m looking forward to the Superbowl that starts in less than an hour. I’ll probably be half stoned for the rest of the day. Nothing beats the Superbowl. Most Singaporeans won’t agree. What would they know anyway?!

We’ve got an event this Saturday. Profits aren’t much but it’ll be fun to work the event. Other than saturday, this week will be filled with proposals and promo emails to clients. A new website is currently being built and the scheduled uploaded is on the 14th of February.

It was great to hear from Cheryl Chin. The former Star Search Alumni now calls Texas home. We shared some great times together and this is one girl that I’ll love always. There’s just something about her that I can’t explain. One thing she’ll agree with is that “The World of Darkness” at the Jurong Bird Park will never ever be the same again. *winkz* Right dear??

It’s time to prepare breakfast and go crazy over the NFL. Till next time, please spare a thought for someone’s religion! It ain't funny when things go crazy.

Peace out!

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