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Tick Tock tick tock

2006 is gonna pass real fast. It’s already February and before we know it, it’ll be Christmas again. Is it me or the older we get, the faster time flies. The more stuff we say needs to be done never gets done!! The signs of aging. Ahhhhhhh…..

Chinese New Year was a total bore. No offence to the Chinese. But there isn’t anything to do other than drink. On second thoughts, it should be CNY every day of the year. Bring out the booze boys!! I’ll consider sound proofing my room before the next cny comes along. Ain’t funny to be woken by lion dancers every morning.

I so can’t wait for Bali. We’re leaving in 14 days. It’s gonna be a blast with the cheap food and beer. More beer than anything else. This trip will be a budget trip since I had to pay for the fuckin van today. Grrrrr…. I hate some people so much now…. Stupid mother fuckin bastards!!

Getting back to Bali…A couple of friends of mine will be at the airport the day we depart. No…we’re not having a big sending off. It’ll be cool since we’ll only be away for 3 days. The galfrens whom I hang out with at the pub are leaving for Bangkok. They’re checkin in at the same time and I’ll probably have a couple of beers with them. It’s gonna be SWEET!

If ya’ll like live rock music, head on down to Rouge! John Molina sings there from Monday to Saturday. He’s a great friend and I’m sure you’ll love the music. A bucket of Tiger goes at 35 bucks.

That’s about all I have to say. Thank you for reading and have a bloody nice day!

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