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This is a song that I can relate to. This song captures my emotions whenever I hear it. If only a certain someone could read this lyrics and know how I feel. Underneath all the smiles and laughter, the pain is all too much to take. I've been trying to laugh off her engagement. The more stories I hear, the more painful things become...Anyway, this song is by Hootie and the Blowfish. It's called "Goodbye" from their Cracked Rear View album.

Tomorrow used to be a day away
Now love is gone and you're into someone far away.
I never thought the day would come
When I would see his hand, not mine,
Holding onto yours because I could not find the time.

Now I can't deny
Nothing lasts forever
I don't want to leave
And I see the tear drops in your eyes
I don't want to live to see the day we say goodbye

Now there comes another part of life that I call alone
Sitting at a bar with chris
And I can't leave ''cause my house ain't no home, no.
I just wanna touch you girl
I wanna feel you close to me
Without your love I would give up now
And walk away so easily.

So maybe while you're young
We'll figure out together
That even with the pain, there's a remedy
And we'll be all right
I don't want to live to see the day we say goodbye.

When I first met you I couldn't love anyone
But you stole my dreams and you made me see
That I can walk under the sun
And I can still be me
And now I can't deny nothing lasts forever.

But I don't want to leave and see the teardrops in your eyes
So baby while we're young let's figure out together
That even with the pain there's a remedy
And we'll be all right.
I don't want to live to see the day we say goodbye,
We say goodbye, oh goodbye, goodbye.


  1. take it easy bro .. dun be too hard on urself .. " sometimes its hard to let someone beautiful go ... " ... when its time its time .. so chill urself k ...

  2. oh... such a sad song.... almost makes me want to cry...

  3. you know, i have been reading your blog for some time now. and no, you don't know me personally. i can tell this gal means the world to you. it's normal to be sad. somehow, you need to let her go. she isn't worth your time or your heart.

    you'll find someone better and you'll smile and be loved again. trust me on this buddy.

  4. my ears has been listening all this while
    my eyes watched every moment since day one
    i read and i know
    i feel and emotions occurs...
    tears welled up corner of my eyes
    maybe its heartbroke too..
    maybe its just maybes...
    u told me eveytime life has to move on...
    but are u listening to yourself?
    Cherish moments that happens every minute...
    See new things in new arena...
    keep the sweetest memories if she meant to you..
    never learn to hate..learn to forgive..even its hard to accept reality..have faith in urself, u say,i hear...reality hurts when fate collides in life....
    take care in every path that u walks..even its just another bump,again u say,i hear..
    who am i to say all this?....
    but its all u say i hear...


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