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I’m totally into Didn’t know there were so many nice looking gals living in Thomson. None of them have replied to my msgs. Do you reckon their parents warned them of blokes with tattoos? Hmm….
It keeps raining these days…

Paula is supposed to pack her stuff and move out today. I’m dreading the next 24 hours…

Here’s something that vj sent via email…Sure did crack me up. Hopefully it’ll do the same for you!

20 Things the perfect girl may say

1) I'll swallow it all... I love the taste.
2) Are you sure you've had enough to drink?
3) I'm bored. Let's shave my pussy!
4) Shouldn't you be down the pub with your friends?
5) That fart was great! Do another one!
6) I've decided to stop wearing clothes in the house.
7) You're so sexy with a hangover.
8) I'd rather go and play Virtual Fighter than go shopping.
9) Let's start subscribing to Penthouse.
10) Would you like to see a video of me going down on my girlfriend?
11) Just for a change, can we try anal sex tonight?
12) I really like football, can you take me to a game.
13) You'd better drive, you're far safer than I am, and besides everyone knows women can't drive.
14) Actually we shouldn't have been given the vote, we're better off in the kitchen.
15) I think a big motorcycle is a good idea.
16) I don't care if my ass looks big in this, let's just go and get drunk.
17) We haven't gone out with your friends for a while, shall we all go to Orchard Towers?
18) Why can't you let your hair down and have a few vodka chasers with me.
19) I know you're already late for work, but can I gag on it just one more time.
20) Aim where you like, it's really good for my skin.

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