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i need SLEEP!!

Boy am I suffering from a sleeping disorder! Woke up at 1am this morning and have not been able to sleep since. It’s days like this where I wished I was out drinking with the boys.

My plans for this evening….A must have dinner at Scotts Shopping Centre food court. The beef noodles are incredibly yummy! After which I’m hosting at Orchard Parade Hotel. And lastly drinks at either Bar None or Rouge with the crew.

Found out this morning that I’ll be heading to Bali on the 17th of Feb. Lorrine isn’t giving me much choice on this trip. Not that I’ll mind since she’ll be with me. We go back a long long way. I'll save this for another update. I’m sure it’ll be awesome and unforgettable. My brother and a half Don will be making this trip too. God forbids the amount of drinking that will happen on this beautiful island. Know of any second hand kidneys on sale.

I’ve been able to predict things on the blog. Or so I wish to believe. I’ve said that Agu Casmir shouldn’t be in the national squad. Found out today that he’s been dropped. It’s about time don’t cha think? Jacintha is the new judge on Singapore Idol. I short listed her as a possible judge. Along with our long haired comedian Kumar. What four digit number will open first prize today? Hmmm….

Out of the blue yesterday, I started thinking of a good friend of mine that passed away two years ago. All I can think about is the true friendship we shared that dated back to school days. Kate, if you can read this from up above, I want you to know that I still miss you and think about you often. Nobody has been able to fill your shoes and I seriously doubt anyone will.

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