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Woke up today to a fresh start. It's been awhile since I woke up at 7am. On most days, I'm tucking myself into bed at that time. On other days, I'm crashing into bed from all the beer and stout.

Watched the Man U match this morning! With The Reds victory over the weekend, Man U's draw made things all the more SWEET! I'll say it again...SWEEEEEEEEEET!!

I reckon Ivy Singh Lim would make an awesome opposition MP. Ivy speaks her mind and has an awesome personality. She isn't one of those dumb opposition blokes whom speak their mind and end up in court. Who gets anywhere with pointless accusations?? If you listen to her carefully, you'll find that her views are reasonable and make a hell lotta sense.

I on the other hand would love to be part of the PAP one day. I've been longing to be involved in the grassroots. That day will come when time and life are more forgiving.

If you caught the Oprah Winfrey Show on Star World last night, the following comments will make sense. The episode entitled "Ricky Martin on Children Being Sold into Sexual Slavery", focused mainly on prostitution in Asia. On my trips around Asia, I have seen elderly men prey on these young girls.

Singapore needs laws to prevent these sickos from supporting this inhumane trade. Sadly some of these girls are below the age of 18. Some even as young as 12. What kind of beast does this? The sad truth, it's someone's uncle, father or even grandfather. These are the men that visit Batam and other Indonesian islands for sex.
My suggestion is that the Singapore authorities have sting operations with their Indonesian counterparts. Nab these perverted bastards and keep them in behind bars.

When I was a lot younger, I knew this s.o.b whom visited Batam and Tanjung Pinang. God knows how many times he had sex with underage girls and was caught on one occasion, screwing a 14yr old girl. After being detained for a day, he escaped jail time by paying off the girl's family and the local police. I'm not sure if this asshole is still working. He was a lab assistant with a secondary school in Yishun. You just don't want to imagine him around teenage school girls.

The reason I'm relating this story is that I was young and couldn't do a damn thing about it. If I met someone like him today, I'll beat the crap outta him. No matter how old or young the bastard is.

If you missed the Ricky Martin episode on Oprah, use this link...

I'm thinking of adding another tattoo to my collection this week. It'll likely be a crucifix on my lower left arm. The design will be based on the crucifix around my neck.

I'll be working on my emcee video and voice over demo this week. With much hope, it'll be out in February. If you know anyone whom would like a copy, drop me an email @

It's back to work. Reckon I rattled a tad too much in this update. Till the next one folks!

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