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Woke up at 5am. Laid in bed thinking of the screwed up issues in life. Ordered breakfast at the hawker but couldn’t eat.

I’m at an all time low, never quite thought I’ll be saying this. The pain lingers and hits you when you’re alone. Many of you would have gone through this before. I miss Paula so much though I know I shouldn’t. I keep asking myself how things turned out the way it did. I have never loved someone so much. I have never sacrificed so much for a person.

I know that time will heal the wounds. Only thing is, time is running out on me. Don’t know what else to say. Everything is a god damn blank!


  1. just hang in there bro, it is never easy. but you have to learn to let go of Paula.she has been using us all along and treated you like shit. you deserve better than her. after what i went through with Joyce before,i know what you are going through right now. your family and friends will always be here for you.

  2. Thanks bro...In so many ways, i'm sorry for the things that Paula has done. Never would I want a person to take advantage of our family. I'm gonna rebuild what I've lost and come back a better and stronger person. I'm grateful that I've got an amazing supportive family and true friends that I can count on.

  3. It is over now. do not let it get you down too much. it is hard,i know..


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