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Idol fever is back again! My favourite part of Idol is the audition round. I seriously wonder how some of these idiots think they can sing. Or even dance! Most of them comment that their friends or family requested they join the competition. Either they’re deaf or have very poor taste. I’m not being rude. Just plain honest. Nonetheless it’s a good laugh at their expense. I’m all set to ridicule the next bunch of fools on prime time TV.

The first ever Singapore Idol was pretty boring compared to the American Idol that we are used to. Mediacorp has promised that this year’s Idol would be bigger and better. We’ll wait and see…The judges weren’t colourful either. Here’s a list of people (in no particular order) whom I think would have done a far better job. With their names are reasons why they’ll steal the show.

1. Najib Ali – He’s whacky and straight forward!
2. Kumar – I’d love to see Kumar judge Idol. No reasons needed here!
3. John Molina – The women will go GA GA!!
4. Jacintha Abisheganaden – Visit the website below...

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