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Singapore vs Iraq

Come 22nd February, Singapore takes on Iraq in the Asian Cup qualifiers. Hopefully this match will be played at the national stadium. I can picture a crowd of 50,000 cheering on our Lions in the quest of glory. Much like the crowds we saw during last year’s Tiger Cup.

As any fan would ask, I politely ask that the selected squad play their outmost best. Players like Agu Casmir whom have underperformed, should seriously be axed from the squad. God knows why he’s in the squad anyway. Talk about foreign talent!!

But I do like some of the young players in the squad. Two names that top the list are Ashrin Shariff and Tengku Mushadad. These two individuals performed extremely well during the Sea Games in Manila.

Funny thing is, I truly miss our Malaysia Cup days. Who doesn’t anyway?? We had an awesome squad with the likes of Fandi Ahmad, V Sundram Moorthy, David Lee and Abbas Saad. Always referred to this squad as the Dream Team. They even had their very own CD!! Those were the days huh?

It’s time for a new Dream Team to emerge among Singapore’s finest. Will 2006 be the year?

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