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Say Bye to 2005

The year is coming to an end…It is this time of the year where I look back at good times and unfortunately, the bad experiences of 2005. I am not going to include the bad experiences in this update. Might as well forget the bad on the last day of the year.

The Bali trip this year is by far the best god damn thing to happen. And I ain’t talking about the bombs that went off. I still hate those motherfuckers!! I’m referring to Don. Glad I made this trip with my Chivas loving slut. The amount of booze we consumed on the lovely island could last an average drinker months. I am not kidding. The locals were bewildered by our drinking. Imagine starting at 10am and finishing the next morning at 7am. Everyday for a whole week. That’s what I call a holiday. What else can I say but “DON”!! Love you bro!! I love Bali too. Including the handjob (Bali Spa) on my 2nd last day!

Another highlight this year was doing an event for the Prime Minister of Singapore. Call me patriotic if you wanna. It was an absolute joy working this event. Even though mother nature had other plans.

Ya’ll know my love for tattoos. Here’s what I got done this year…

Tattoos done in 2005:
Owl by Sha (EZ Tattoo, Far East Plaza 4th Floor)
Wolf by Sha (EZ Tattoo, Far East Plaza 4th Floor)
Douc Langur by Sha (EZ Tattoo, Far East Plaza 4th Floor)
Asian Elephant by Sha (EZ Tattoo, Far East Plaza 4th Floor)
South American Totem Pole by Richard (Johnny Two Thumbs, Far East Plaza 4th Floor)
Butterfly by Agung (Bali Tattoos, Kuta)
Left arm piece by Su (Exotic Tattoo, Far East Plaza 4th Floor)

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