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It’s the start of a brand new year! Hope your New Years Eve party was as good as mine. Had a blast with the tattoo pub boys. The only thing missing was Paula. The gf of 3 long years that decided to sleep with a bunch of guys while with me. Good thing is, we’re no longer together. It’s hard to forget someone after a long relationship. Each day is a fighting battle. I’m gonna make sure I win this battle.

I’m not gonna step out and accuse women of being bitches. Though some might openly admit they are bitches. So…I’m gonna leave it as this.

I’m looking forward to what 2006 brings to the table. Am I gonna get attached again? How many tattoos will I get in 2006? Will I enter a partnership with a Singaporean rocker? I hear women are crazy over him… Will I quit drinking?? Not in this lifetime!! We’ll see what 2006 has to offer. Hope it goes well for you… Have a smashing 2006 folks!

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