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Greetings from a cozy room in Upper Thomson. It’s been hectic since the last update. This as always, takes a freaking long time.

First and foremost, I would like to say a big thank you to those of you whom called, messaged and some of ya’ll emailed when I was up in Bali. Me updating this blog clearly says that I’m alright physically. Emotionally, there is a scar that might never heal. The fear I felt in Bali, is something I never thought I would go through. The feeling of uncertainty and the obvious fear of when or if another bomb would go off. Right through it all, I had one person with me. The very person that gave a damn that I arrived and departed safely from Bali. That person is none other than Don. I believe that we meet certain special individuals that will one day decide our fate. In Bali, I had Don for the wildest and most assuring companionship. If Eddie, Vik or Vijay were there, I’m positive it would have been just as good. I’m proud to have these four men as brothers.

Come November 18th, we’ll be heading back to Bali with a brand new project. A project that will kick ass! More on this in the next update.

I’m gonna give you my two cents about shit head mother fuckers also known as terrorists. These slimy bastards think they’ve won each time they blow a place up. I seriously don’t care what religion they come from. To me, they aren’t Muslims. I’ve got awesome friends that are Muslims. I respect them for whom they are. A terrorist is a person whom doesn’t have the balls to fit in a modern society. Nothing more than a low life! Children died in Bali b

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